EP Limited: Expertise

EP Limited personnel have expertise in the areas of biomedical signal processing, tissue heat transfer, and electronic design. 

Specific skills include:

  • Biomedical Signal processing
    • ECG Data compression.
    • Ventricular tachycardia & fibrillation detection.
    • Beat detection and classification.
    • Thermodilution signal processing for cardiac output estimation.
    • Sensor design.
  • Tissue Heat transfer
    • Thermal modeling
    • Thermal ablation
  • Hardware design
    • Biomedical amplifier design
    • Millidegree temperature measurement.
    • Processors: PIC, 68HC11
    • PC104 systems
  • Software 
    • Windows and QNX Software development 
    • C/C++, Assembly (Motorola, x86, PIC)